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Selling your property

If you decide to sell your property, we would be happy to be your partner in this process. It is in the nature of such a transaction that the sale of a property is not an everyday occurrence for everyone. In order to achieve the best possible price, to be on the right track legally and not to lose a lot of time unnecessarily, this is a good reason to involve a professional.

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What are the advantages of offering your property through our agency?

  • Through an international network, there is a higher probability of finding faster a buyer for your property. Our agency is international. Besides the Italian market, we are mainly active in the German and English speaking countries.
  • The sale of a property is usually very time consuming. Many viewing appointments can turn the sale into a marathon without a professional. We will gladly take care of this for you.
  • Selling through a real estate agent is safer. We know the buyer in advance. We can provide you with information on the creditworthiness of the buyer and filter only really interested buyers. This is also done by asking potential buyers exactly what they are looking for.
  • We evaluate their property free of charge and professionally.
  • We organize the entire process to make the sale of your property as stress-free as possible for you and the buyer.
  • Optimal presentation of your property. It is important to place a house correctly on the market and to present your property in a correct way at viewings. Our experience is your advantage.
  • You have only costs at the conclusion of the contract which are quickly amortized by time gained and without effort, as well as optimal price.

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