About Us

We are a family-run business where you, whether buyer or seller, are not just a number. The personal contact is important to us and benefits both you and us. We have decades of local knowledge and are highly trained in all aspects of your property. In order to guarantee our full service constantly and comprehensively, we have limited ourselves for the time being to a specific region in the south of Sardinia. Our main coverage, includes the entire coastal area between the capital Cagliari to the Costa Rei. As well as the surrounding countryside.

Our core team:

Marco Hansekowski introduces himself:

About 25 years ago I came to this beautiful island of Sardinia as a German on business. Since then, my life has changed rapidly. I was lucky enough to find not only my new home, but also my Sardinian wife. After it was clear to us that we wanted to live together here in Sardinia, we turned our first common passion into a profession. We founded a diving school that is still running successfully today. We soon realised that we also had to offer accommodation for our guests. That’s how we got in touch with the Italian real estate market for the first time. In the course of time, we were approached again and again by guests who were looking for their dream house on the island. Most of the time, lack of language skills and the complicated bureaucracy were an insurmountable hurdle. Very often we helped our guests, who are now happy and grateful homeowners on this sunny island of Sardinia. We were also increasingly approached by homeowners who were looking for buyers for their properties.  It was always nice to see the sparkle in the eyes of the new proud owners.  And thus the next passion was born.

The logical consequence to make this a profession was now obvious. In order to mediate in Italy apartments whether renting or sales mediation is a broker training with subsequent examinations before the Chamber of Crafts mandatory. So you can be sure that licensed and state-approved brokers know what they are talking about. Now nothing stood in the way of founding a company.

We soon realised that this alone was not enough. Prospective homeowners often feared that they would not be able to manage everything else even after the purchase. Bureaucracy and renovations were only two points that were considered difficult. Through further training and experience, we were able to quickly expand our field of activity in the area of property management.

Antonia Angela Nieddu introduces herself:

With Sardinian roots, I was born and raised in Switzerland. Already since my childhood I spent every summer in my homeland Sardinia to which it pulled me in the end completely. Besides being a trained interpreter and accountant, I mainly take care of the bureaucratic part in our company and I am available as a sworn interpreter.